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A total of 5,707 Hungarian citizens have registered so far to vote at a Hungarian mission in the European parliamentary elections next month.

Hungarians with a permanent residence in Hungary can cast their ballots at 134 embassies and consulates abroad after registering by May 17.

The ballot to send Hungarian MEPs to the EP will be held on May 25 on the American continent and on May 26 elsewhere.

Data published by the National Election Office on Saturday morning showed 483 Hungarians registering so far to vote in London, 474 in Brussels, 274 in Munich, 231 in Berlin, 229 in the Hague and 210 in Stuttgart.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. Considering that there may be over 200,000+ Hungarians working in Germany alone the 5.700 seems not impressive!

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