Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – Socialist Party leader Attila Mesterhazy said that the party’s presidium would offer its resignation to the board next Saturday after the party’s poor showing in Sunday’s European parliamentary election.

The Socialists won just 10.92 percent of votes, securing only two seats in the European Parliament as against four in the 2009 EP elections. The party finished in third place in the countryside and trailed even its left-of-centre rivals, the Democratic Coalition (DK) and E-PM, in Budapest.

Mesterhazy expressed sadness and disappointment at the outcome. He said the Socialists would be sending fewer deputies to the EP than planned.

The results provide another lesson to the party, a lesson to be analysed, forcing the Socialists to define a new strategy in the weeks and months ahead, he said.

Mesterhazy congratulated all Hungarian parties that secured seats in the European Parliament.

Photo: MTI – Attila Kovacs


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