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EP Elections – Struggle Against Social Injustice Jobbik’s Biggest Task, Says Vona

EP Elections – Struggle Against Social Injustice Jobbik’s Biggest Task, Says Vona

The biggest task facing the radical nationalist Jobbik party in the European Parliament is ironing out the social and existential disparities between western countries and Hungary, the party’s leader told a news conference on Wednesday.

Gabor Vona said Hungary’s accession to the European Union was a “huge scam”. In 2003 people legitimately demanded a reduction in the disparities, as well as decent work and livelihood, yet this has failed to materialise, he said.

This is not the fault of the “old” EU members but the blame lies with Fidesz and its ruling predecessor, the Socialists, for “surrendering” during accession talks and betraying national interests in their subsequent work.

Jobbik has two specific aims when it comes to once again promoting “betrayed” national interests in the EU: narrowing the gap between the European average wage and the pay of Hungarians and restarting production in the economy. He said both aims would ride against certain European norms such as the principle of free competition but Hungarians, he said, should be getting the same wage for the same work done by their European peers.


Vona said that Hungary needs markets but it was hard to imagine that niche markets would open up for Hungarian products in places like Denmark, Germany, Holland or France. So Jobbik MEPs should work to ensure that Hungary’s markets regain their reach, he said, adding that 80 percent of the shelves of shopping malls and retailers in the country should, if Hungarians are able to produce them, be stocked with Hungarian products.

Photo: MTI – Janos Marjai



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