Budapest, May 9 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik on Monday called for the closure of a reception centre in Békéscsaba in southeast Hungary in the wake of a brawl involving migrants and security guards over the weekend.

The government should fulfil its promise to close down the facility, the party’s Békés County councillor Attila Gajdos told a press conference in front of the centre.

The Békés County police said in a statement earlier that shortly before midnight on Saturday, five Iranian migrants smashed a window and started damaging the furniture at the facility for yet-unknown reasons. When security guards tried to intervene, the migrants started hurling chairs towards them. Order was restored within twenty minutes and nobody was hurt.

Gajdos said it was shocking that “migrants act this way while they are staying here from Hungarian taxpayers’ money … possibly more money than what’s spent on Hungarian patients staying in hospital”.

The councillor said he did not understand why people would be fleeing from Iran where there is no war. He said it was necessary to review Hungary’s migrant care system.

Gajdos noted that migrants set fire to the camp in Békéscsaba in the autumn of 2013 and “there have been conflicts ever since.”

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  1. The centre should be closed down and the inmates deported back to Iran from whence they came. They would appear to be unable to add anything useful to Hungarian society other than a tax burden on taxpayers needing to house and support them.

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