Brussels, October 16 (MTI) – The European Parliament will hold a plenary debate next Tuesday in Strasbourg on the situation in Hungary, the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party said.

The decision came after the majority vote of the left-wing lawmakers, it said, adding that the Hungarian left had been heavily defeated in the local election for a third time and “they are turning to their European allies to take revenge in the Brussels arena.”

However many times Hungary is attacked, Brussels or Strasbourg cannot override the will of the Hungarian people, the statement said, adding that the Fidesz-Christian Democrat MEPs are “ready to stand up for the national interest.”

On Monday evening, two Hungarian MEPs representing the opposition Democratic Coalition will hold a public forum about the situation of the media and press freedom in Hungary.

An official statement on the EP’s agenda for next week shows that “worries about perceived threats to democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary” will be discussed by next Tuesday evening. Representatives of the European Commission and member countries, in other words the Council’s Italian presidency, will attend.


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