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Budapest, 2018. június 16. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a Helmut Kohl német kancellár halálának elsõ évfordulóján tartott Budapesti Európa-beszéd címû konferencián, amelyet a Polgári Magyarországért Alapítvány és a Konrad Adenauer Alapítvány magyarországi irodája rendezett az Andrássy Gyula Német Nyelvû Egyetemen 2018. június 16-án. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

The prime minister’s press chief on Friday reacted to an article by Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, an MEP who is a member of the European People’s Party, that was critical of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Bertalan Havasi said her charges against the Hungarian leader lacked credibility.

Havasi insisted that her “accusations” were based on a sentence Orbán did not say.

In an opinion piece published by Politico today, the Swedish EPP member said that Orbán had “crossed a line” in a speech on June 16 by saying “that Hungary’s ‘illiberal’ model of democracy would be a driving force that revitalizes Europe and the EPP”.

Speaking at a conference commemorating the legacy of German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Orbán said that building a strong Europe required strong nation states. Orbán said that Hungary could help common European policies in several areas such as “offering a good example in economic reforms or assistance in returning migrants back home”. Read more about the conference HERE.

Orbán also said that although EPP leaders had “made mistakes to our detriment”, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz would “stick to the EPP and Helmut Kohl’s ideals: rather than deserting we will undertake the more difficult task of renewing the EPP and help it find its way back to its Christian Democratic roots”.

Read the original article of Blidt interview: POLITICO

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  1. More and more European people admire the great courage of Mr. Orbán. His action can be vital for the EU!
    The left-wing Norwegian online newspaper ‘Klassekampen’ (‘Class struggle’) published a short but explosive article on 27.07.2018. According to a survey by the opinion polling agency ‘Sentio’ among 1,000 people in each country, in Sweden 47% and in Denmark 45% of the people questioned are for a Nordic Federation, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden instead of being a member of the EU. The Norwegians surveyed also wanted only 31% a Nordic Federation, only 10% would like to be members of the EU and 52% would prefer to stay with the current model of the EEA (European Economic Area). The voice of Denmark and Sweden is pretty clear. The Swedish Democrats party is already demanding a referendum on Sweden’s stay in the EU and, according to the opinion of many people in Sweden, this referendum might turn out badly for the EU. There is no need to speculate about the reasons as the poll also called for: since 2015 the Swedes and Danes have been affected by the ‘enormous migration crisis’ in their countries with the consequences of the large number of immigrants from completely different cultures. Both countries were very left-socialist and international until 3 years ago. Sweden was almost the modelcountry in terms of welcoming culture and openness towards immigrants. However, this has changed drastically with the greatly reduced public safety, the increase in crime and violence and, in particular, the sexual violence that has remained completely unknown in both countries. Moreover, social systems are eroding and the Swedish and Danish population fears that the achievements of its exemplary social networks, and indeed the entire welfare state, will collapse completely in a few years due to overload. In the up to now left-wing Swedes, the right-wing ‘Zwedendemocrats’ have shown a dizzying revival. According to the very last poll, the party gets 22% of the votes and they could even appear as winners from the election on 09.09.2018. The Swedish government tightened the conditions for asylum and reduced financial support for immigrants, which however, does not impress the Swedes nor the immigrants. Displeasure with the EU is constantly increasing and many Swedes are making Germany responsible for the catastrophe under Chancellor Angela Sauer.
    In Denmark the right-wing liberal government has made a fairly sharp turn. The patience and tolerance of a good-natured people, such as the Danes, also have their limits. Over the past 4 years, 73 legal tightening of the law on immigration and asylum policy has been decided. Denmark is now focusing on deterring migrants and making immigrants’ stay as’ unattractive ‘as possible. Especially neighborhoods with many foreigners are in the eye and are politically incorrectly called ‘ghettos’, in which crime is punished particularly hard. If the Danes’ response to these draconian measures had been a shout of indignation 10 years ago and the racism bat had been unpacked, nowadays even the leftists and many Danes are far from taking these measures far enough. Sauer’s ‘friendly face’ with wide-ranging open European borders is proving to be more and more explosive for Europe. The Scandinavian countries are not the only ones whose sympathy for the EU is very cold. The southeast flank is also crumbling. The Visegrád-countries are already thinking very deeply about forming their own formation and turning their back on the EU. Britain is already as good as out of the EU. Italy is showing growing displeasure, and there too, so-called ‘populists’ have taken over the helm and are on a steady national course. The EU is clearly crumbling. The sympathies of the Scandinavian countries for a Nordic Federation are not entirely new. The idea was already suggested in 2014 and then, when it was all about whether Scotland should stay in the United Kingdom or not, the campaign for the referendum was made by the Unionists, who wanted to keep Scotland with Great Britain, as well as by the Scottish independence movement in full power. The Unionists sketched a specter of a lonely, small, impoverished Scotland while the independence movement created a joker: Scotland could very well join a much more sympathetic community, namely the Nordic Council. The Nordic Council was established in 1952 and consisted of delegates from the Scandinavian countries. The members are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. It is an interregistration forum. Well, the referendum ended at the time in favor of a stay in Great Britain. But things are developing rapidly right now. The clock for the EU is ticking loudly, the dissatisfaction is increasing, the problems are getting even faster and there is no distinctive figure with a confidence-building solution. The current leaders of the big ‘EU’ case have in one way or another disappeared in one or other slits like Angela Sauer, from whom they see and hear nothing, not even a successor. The French president and youthful young man Emmanuel Macron apparently has compromised for the immigrant banlieues and is only talking about his disgusting, homo-erotic romance with his bullying bodyguard while the professional European, Mr. President of the European Commission Jan-Kloot Druncker, indulging in his ‘sciatica’ and can no longer walk right. It does not take long, it seems, and it has happened to the EU.

  2. In addition:
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to rebuild Europe on these five pillars. The left-liberal immigration-Islamization policy in demolishing Europe must be protected and rebuilt, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a speech for students. In his view, this has to be done on 5 pillars, 5 ‘doctrines’.
    1/ Every European country has the right to protect its traditional, Christian-based culture, and to reject multiculti ideology.
    2/ Every country also has the right to defend the traditional family as the basis of society and that every child has the right to a mother and a father.
    3/ Each country can protect its own national strategic economic sectors and markets.
    4/ The right of every country to protect its borders at its own discretion, and stop and reject immigration. No country may be forced to take in large numbers of Muslim migrants and thereby Islamize their own culture and society.
    5/ Each country has the right to one country – one vote principle – in important decisions and that the EU should not deny or deprive any member state of this right, as the Brussels’ totalitarian are threatened with Poland and Hungary because they refuse to let yourself be Islamized. Orbán moved his points mainly to Central Europe but it is clear that his plan would also mean the rescue of Western Europe. The Hungarian prime minister clearly shows that without globalism there is still a future for Europe, which must be restructured into an alliance of free, independent states, based on voluntary agreements and cooperation. The current EU Superstate (partly realized, partly in the making), has to be demolished to the ground. The established order calls these no more than logical standpoints, which were only to be found in almost every election program for about 30, 40 years, now ‘right-wing extremism’. And that is because both the large mass media and the established political parties, even liberal, pursue policy and strive for the same period ago only to be found in pamphlets of extreme left parties and groups. In Spain we see what happens when a left-wing (social-democratic) government comes. It opened the borders wide for Muslim migrants from Africa, which immediately had a strong suction effect. For example, around 800 migrants stormed the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on 26.07.2018. The Guardia Civil – a sort of military police – was beaten with sticks and pelted with stones and buckets full of lime and cast-outs. The migrants also used spray cans as flame throwers against the agents. Two weeks before Spain had admitted the human smuggling ship Aquarius with 629 African migrants, refused by Italy. After arrival, Spanish students were removed from their homes to make room for the newcomers who were immediately seen in all kinds of shops and restaurants and paid with € 100 bills. The clothes given to them by the Red Cross were all found in waste containers. It is our duty to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and to provide these people with a safe haven, the brand-new socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had said shortly before. His cabinet promised migrants free health care and from now on, they will assess every asylum application individually. As a result, countless small boats crowded with migrants as if it were an invasion landed unhindered on the southern Spanish beaches – still being helped by the illegal smugglers who were disguised as refugee aid organizations – who deserve it very much – Italy has since caught up as the largest port for migrants to Europe. Italy admitted 18,130 migrants in the first half of 2018, compared with almost 100,000 in the same period in 2017. In Spain, that number increased from 6513 to just under 21,000. There is hardly any question of real refugees. Even the virulent pro-immigration, pro-Islam being the European Commission in 2017, in a report found that some 70% of migrants do not even come from a country where there are conflicts, or even has oppressive regimes. Figures from the UN were even more disconcerting: it showed that only about 2% to 3% of newcomers in Europe are refugees and the rest only consists of economic migrants. Although, ‘only’? The Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj warned again in July 2018 that there is many thousands of illegal migrants are in his country, all of whom want to go to Europe. According to him there are large numbers of terrorists and criminals and that is why he does not want EU reception camps in his country. The EU should start talking to the countries where these people come from, and put pressure on them. No refugee crisis, but demographic jihad Uzay Bulut wrote in March 2018 for the Gatestone Institute that there is no question of a ‘refugee crisis’. This is, in his opinion, only a false term for what is really going on: a ‘demographic jihad’, with which the pact between left and Islam wants to replace the original population of Europe by Muslims. ‘Turkish top politician: Europe will become a Muslim The Muslim population will overtake that of the Christians in Europe, confirmed the Turkish AKP member of parliament Alparslan Kavaklioglu, head of the Turkish security and intelligence committee. In Brussels, Mohammed is already the most popular name. Europe will become a Muslim. We will be effective there, if Allah wills, I am sure of that.
    More and more people are admiring Orbán for his courage to stand-up against the left and even extreme-left parties in the EU.

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