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Ethnic Hungarians of Romania call for the end of the „witch-hunt” against Hungarians in Romania

Ethnic Hungarians of Romania call for the end of the „witch-hunt” against Hungarians in Romania

“We ask emphatically about the reasons for the obvious witch-hunt against Hungarians in the cities of Transylvania” – stated Hunor Kelemen, the president of RMDSZ (Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania) in a press release last week, reports.

The President raised his voice in protest in relation to two recent events that occurred in two Transylvanian cities: organisers of a public march at Marosvásárhely/Targu Mures were given a 70,800 RON fine for marching in the city, and also the participants of the March 15th commemoration at Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca were asked to withdraw the historical regional flag of Transylvania. Kelemen stated that the authorities restricted members of the Hungarian community in Romania to use their regional symbols and to organize peaceful processions.

According to President Kelemen, the recent events have swayed further the already shaky sense of security of the members of the Hungarian community.

„It is obvious that innocent people who were peacefully celebrating were targeted at Targu Mures and at Cluj-Napoca by the employees of the police. We emphatically ask those responsible for public safety to deal with averting public danger instead of considering the fulfillment of their institutional duty to fine peaceful people or remove the Transylvanian or Szekler flag”- declared Kelemen.

The President of RMDSZ asked the authorities in both cases to justify their actions and the procedure that followed. He stated that unfounded sanctions are against the principles of law. „The Hungarians of Romania do not want to live in a country where they are constantly intimidated!”- said Kelemen.

The Targu-Mures Police issued a press release in relation to the fining of the 84 organisers of a peaceful march in their city on March 10th, for the hefty sum of 70,800 RON. The spokesman of the police confirmed that the march was free of incidents and affrays. He declared that the fines were issued due to the authority’s point of view that the participants of the march processed in the front of the Prefect’s Office without an official permit.

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  1. Edward

    I don’t see the E.U. helping settle these matters. Where are people with influence like Soros and why are they not involved with the peaceful solutions?

  2. gyorgy

    Romania is a national state, believe it or not , and it is under the law of Constitution !

  3. Ferdinand Petrov

    God Bless you Székely-Piople , Your Freedoms Will comes. God is wit you, because you are Gog Selected favored, and God put you into his Sons Mothers Garden. I know your Birth-home Temporarily, stolen from you. But God will giving it back to you. I pray to our God, the God of The “Magyars” Till God Bless you all my Brothers-Sisters.

  4. Anonymous

    Azt hallottam megszuntetek a Magyar publikaciokat Erdelyben Igaz?

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