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EU can throw out 400 thousand migrants

EU can throw out 400 thousand migrants

The British newspaper Times wrote, based on a document, that EU interior ministers are expected to reject the asylum applications of 400 thousand people entered the territory of the EU in the first half of the year.

The measure primarily affects those who come from Eritrea and Niger. Brussels threatens the two African countries with the withdrawal of  aid and trade agreements, if they refuse the readmission of their citizens. But the action would also impact the refugees coming from Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

According to the plan, hundreds of thousands of refugees will be detained in the coming weeks in order to prevent them to escape before their deportation. EU border protection agency called Frontex will carry out the repatriation of migrants.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ report published on October 1st says more than 500 thousand refugees have come to Europe this year so far. However, the real number can be hundreds of thousands more, since Germany recently claimed 470 thousand people have come to them only this year, wrote.

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