Online gambling is growing rapidly in the last few years. The rise of online gambling became a new hit and trend. Australia was the first to adapt the country’s whole gambling system to web space. Then the US and other countries tried to react in the same manner as Aussies did. EU is still struggling to reach the heights in gambling.

How EU countries and Hungary can transform their approach?

Official statement of European commission says that EU countries have legal right to optimize local gambling platforms as they wish. There is no specific EU legislation regarding offline and online gambling. EU countries are free to act as they decide. Most of the countries chose to legalize off-line gambling while others have followed with online gambling movement.

Hungary was the first to legalize off-line gambling and enlist online platforms from 2013. Gambling in Hungary is regulated to the tax system and also with the help of Customs Administration of Hungary.

If Hungary, Malta, or other countries want to follow the successful recipe of Australia, they have simple rules to implement.

Relevant response to technological change

Australia was the first to react to every technological change. Australia decided to follow trends and get used to the webspace, adapting to new payment options, etc.

When EU countries decide to improve their legal framework regarding gambling, first, they have to follow trends just like Australia. It’s a simple way to make gamblers comfortable.

Huge variety of games

There are countries in the EU that limit gambling operators in particular games. Some countries allow betting while others allow casinos or poker platforms. Australia is popular because every operator can show a massive variety of games on the platform. Slots, roulettes, blackjack, poker, betting, and other games are integral parts of the gambling industry. Allow all types of games, and the country makes the best real money online casinos for Australian players. Keep in mind that a variety of games make different Australian operators worldwide dominants.

If country officials decide to focus on comfortable space for gambling operators, it will be beneficial for the country’s economy. Australia went on the same route and gave a perfect space to gambling operators. In that way, the country’s economy is growing by 3% every year steadily. At the same time, Australia is the only country having no economy recession since the 90s. It’s been two decades since that Australian economy is growing, and no economic crisis affected Aussies.

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