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Budapest, September 24 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban “has finally arrived at the politics of common sense”, and admitted that the migrant crisis can only be overcome with help from Europe, the Socialist Party said on Thursday.

Party leader Jozsef Tobias said Orban “finally realised” at Wednesday’s emergency EU summit focused on migration that the migrant crisis is not a “Hungarian problem” but a “European one”. Tobias applauded the prime minister’s “U-turn” in his handling of the crisis and “now represents what the Socialist Party has been saying for months”. He also applauded the EU’s decision to set aside 1 billion euros for handling the migrant crisis. He called for setting up hotspots not only in Greece but Hungary and Croatia as well.

The Democratic Coalition said Hungary must stop construction on its fences on the Romanian and Croatian borders and should tear down the one already built. MEP Csaba Molnar said that had Orban “suffered another defeat” at Wednesday’s EU summit after “losing the quota battle” on Tuesday.

Molnar said Orban was “visibly disappointed” during his press conference early on Thursday, as out of his six proposals, the only ones to be approved were those in line with the EC’s earlier proposals. Molnar said Orban “admitted that building fences” is a failed policy when he said that Hungary should consider letting refugees pass through the country.

The Dialogue for Hungary party said Orban had played “quite a marginal role” at the EU summit, as discussions were centred on commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s proposals from two weeks ago rather than the six proposals put forward by him on Wednesday.

MEP Benedek Javor said it was “bad news” that Hungary does not wish to accept the help offered by the EU to frontline member states since now no hotspots will be set up in Hungary to ease the country’s migration pressure. He said the EU’s stance that Hungary should let migrants through to Austria and Germany “if it is only capable of building fences” is a sign that “nobody views Hungary as a cooperative partner”.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. Mr. Orban is the only sane leader in all of Europe. There is no idea of who these illegal immigrants really are and what they really want, other than a “better life” off the backs of the countries that make up the EU. They deliberately throw away their papers.

    Europe is not responsible for the poverty, overpopulation and wars on other continents and it is not the fundamental right of any person to seek/impose themselves/make demands of other continents to take care of them. This is simply not a human right.

    From what I have viewed, these men (mostly all are men) are violent and demanding before they have even been granted asylum, breaking international laws all the way.

    Australia was correct in blocking them from their shores.

    Your PM, Mr. Orban is the only leader with courage in the face of this disastrous mass illegal migration. It will be the end of Europe which is tragic.

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