Horgos, 2016. július 16. Migránsok tábora a szerb-magyar határ közelében, Horgosnál 2016. július 16-án. A határ szerbiai oldalán az Európai Unió nyugati államaiba igyekvõ több száz migráns táborozik arra várva, hogy valahogyan bejusson Magyarországra. MTI Fotó: Molnár Edvárd

Budapest, July 19 (MTI) – The majority of Europeans expressed concern over the consequences of illegal migration and were dissatisfied with the migration policy of Brussels, the chief analyst of research firm Századvég Foundation said at a conference on Tuesday, outlining the findings of an EU-wide survey.

Tamás Lánczi said Szazadveg had asked 28,000 people across the 28-member bloc, and quoted respondents as saying that illegal migration would increase crimes and the threat of terrorism.

Fully 83 percent of respondents expressed the opinion that the EU’s borders should be protected more effectively, he insisted, adding that respondents were rather divided on the issue of Brussels’ mandatory migrant distribution quota system.

Addressing the conference, state secretary at the prime minister’s office Bence Tuzson criticised Europe’s leaders for failing to recognise “the fact that there is a close connection between immigration and terrorism”. They have “lost their sound judgement,” he insisted. Tuzson referred to Századvég’s survey and said that the European Union’s immigration policy has failed. He also said that the EU’s quota system “practically equals to sending an invitation to millions of migrants” and called it unacceptable.

The EU’s leaders will only change their mind if voters make their voices heard, Tuzson insisted, and urged people to turn up at the government’s quota referendum scheduled to be held in the autumn.

The survey found a rather strong commitment towards the EU in several other member states including Hungary, he said. Across the bloc, 64 percent of respondents insisted on remaining an EU citizen, Lánczi added.


Photo: MTI – Camp in Serbia

Source: MTI

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