Construction output in Hungary grew at the fastest pace in the European Union in November, jumping by an annual 30.7 percent, according to Eurostat data released on Wednesday.

Output of the building segment rose by 29.1 percent during the period. Output of the civil engineering segment climbed by 33.9 percent.

Construction output in the bloc grew by an annual 2.7 percent in November, Eurostat said.

Eurostat noted that of the 28 member states, 13 did not submit data for November and eight submitted quarterly data.

In a monthly comparison and adjusted to seasonal data, construction output grew by 0.5 percent in the euro zone and 0.6 percent in the EU as a whole.

The sector’s output showed the strongest annual growth in Hungary (30.7 percent), Slovenia (21.2 percent) and Poland (16 percent). Output shrank in Romania (by 4.1 percent) and France (by 0.2 percent).

Source: MTI

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