Coronavirus - First Covid-19 patient treated with Hungarian-made remdesivir leaves hospital
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University

Not only the medical chamber and Hungarian virologists would like the Hungarian PM to introduce stricter anti-COVID-19 measures but also members of his supporting parties, Fidesz and the Christian Democrats (KDNP). They say that wearing face masks is not enough, and protecting the economy cannot be more important than protecting people’s lives.

According to hvg, they could speak with MPs of Fidesz and KDNP who stated that if the PM does not make the relevant regulations stricter, they will ask him to do so. An MP of the government parties said one month before that they could not halt the country because in that case the economy would be smashed. Furthermore, he added that people would like to get back their normal lives.

Hvg says that Hungary is the only European country where the only serious anti-COVID-19 measure is the compulsory wearing of face masks. In contrast, because of the rising number of infections, other countries already introduced, for example, partial home quarantine while,

in Hungary, fans can still take part in football matches. 

As we reported before, the Hungarian Medical Chamber already demanded stricter measures. Because of the steeply growing number, 4/5th of the Fidesz and KDNP MPs hvg asked before would implement further measures to stop the spread of the virus. 

“I understand that we have to have an eye on the economy, but this cannot continue. I hear everywhere the question:

“how many people have to die until we act?”

– said an MP of a Transdanubian city. He added that he could not understand why fans can take part in football matches since they do not keep the rules of mask-wearing. Moreover, he stated that he cannot understand why the government allows family, free time, and gastronomy events where there are hundreds and thousands of people. He also highlighted that

he would revise the opening times of bars as well.

Another MP said that it seems as if the government forgot about the most endangered group, the elderly. He added that he would reintroduce the shopping hours of the elderly to help them evade any contact with those who might carry the virus but do not show any symptoms. It is clear now that wearing a mask is not enough, he said.

Interestingly, most MPs said that they would not close schools. However, some added that, provided the spread of the virus stops during the autumn break, they would reintroduce that measure, too.


  1. More fear porn, Mask do NOT stop anything from being spread. Why? Because short of ones used in chemical and biological warfare. The biggest majority are cheaply made and allow things through the pores in them. The washable e ones should be washed after each use and the disposable ones should be tossed after one use. Who does that? ALL these measures will do if further wreck the Hungarian economy. The mandatory face mask in restuarants mandate just caused me to cancel a Birthday Celebration at a local eatery that would have brought them 14 or 15 customers and a large food sale but thanks to this mandate this fear porn cost a business and its server probable 30-40 thousand forint food and beverage ticket a server lost a 8-10 thousand forint tip. People we are being lied to, sure people die from CV19 but they also die from the flu every year. Why? because they have other major health conditions that jeopardize their lives. CV 19 is no more contagious than season flu. Wake up people their is an underlying reason why this so called pandemic narrative is being pushed upon the entire globe. The governments of the planet could care less about public health. Something else is inplay to control the masses. DO YOU PEOPLE like being good little sheep?

  2. The “zenith” of this wave, the frightening continual growth of numbers, of this deadly novel virus – new cases and deaths, not expected to peak until late January 2021, what effects will this result in, for Budapest, Hungary, if we fail to make additional mandatory laws, in an attempt to control and manage this novel virus.
    Sporting venues, participation in team orientated sports, spectators, outdoor entertainment facilities, that involve direct or close human contact, without wearing a safety mask, is an immediate mandatory policy that must be effected.
    Regulated shopping time for those 65 years and older, again should be re-introduced.
    Activities in public parks, basketball and skate boarding, gathers high numbers of youth – close it down.
    Bars – Nightclubs – Restaurants – operating hours must be substantially reduced.
    Opening hours – depending on type of eatery or restaurant should be 9pm, at latest.
    Clubs – Bars – Nightclubs – could be considered to give ALL an extended close down to late December , and to reviewed at that point in time.
    Ruthless this type of decision would be, the pain and suffering we know tourism operators, Hotels and Restaurants – eatery establishments and a greater wider perspective of business and society, have endured since March of 2020, but what other alternatives are their to introduce at this challenging and dangerous time ?
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

  3. Anonymous does not realise the irony of his post: gatherings of 14-15 people, indoors and in close contact with each other, maskless to boot, is precisely what is called a ‘Superspreader event’, the very thing that governments implore people not to do and that any rational person would not even contemplate in these times.

  4. The birthday party of 15 people with a budget of 30-40,000 huf would have been a miserable affair anyway. That works out at 2000 – 2667 huf per head. That’s a couple of beers and a packet of chips – hardly worth the risk of catching Covid 19 for!

  5. Anonymous in his comments and attitude of indifference that is “drowned” in acts of Irresponsibility, disturb me.
    Comments written by Hansen, Paulus and Thetruthhurts, are balanced, from a base that accepts personal Responsibility that we all have to display in the crisis of time we ALL live.
    Their appears an underlining theme of Respect and the listening to, actioning of opinions and recommendations that are being provided to us, from the specialist field of Medical Science.
    Rationality, is the quality or state of being rational, that is based on or agreeable to Reason.

  6. I think in this critical time everyone should make an efforr to put aside individialism and act for the welfare of the entire community: avoid crowds, avoid gatherings, visiting, maintain distance, wear face mask, wash your hands frequently.
    Individualism, like anonymous’, works fine as long as it does not harm others. in this case, it would harm.
    When the pandemic ends, we can all party again

  7. Mario,
    Appreciate your comment – a man of my thinking ha ha.
    Acts of Welfare and the “Deeds” we can do for others, in this challenge we are ALL in, good for the soul.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

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