Top quality ventilators being produced in Hungary

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade bought too many ventilators, so they entrusted the Hungarian embassies to try to sell more than 8,000 abroad. The ministry confirmed the relevant information of hvg, but they did not reveal any details about the numbers.

According to hvg, since the start of the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade has bought 16 thousand ventilators. Now it seems that they purchased a lot more than necessary, so they are trying to get rid of them. However, they would like to sell them for their delivery price. 

As we reported before HERE and HERE, the government has already sent ventilators to countries like Kyrgyzstan and the Czech Republic. 

Hvg asked the ministry whether they would like to sell ventilators with the help of the embassies. They also asked how many and for what price they would like to sell them, and what the type of the machines chosen is. The ministry emphasised in its reply that they would like to sell all ventilators

“above the strategic stock,”

and the process is still going on. They also added that this information was made public before.

However, the ministry did not say with how many and what kind of machines they would like to enter the foreign markets. They stated, however, that many countries struggle due to the lack of such devices. “During the first wave of the epidemic, that meant that doctors had to decide who remains alive in many European countries. Hungary wanted to evade such a horrific situation, and that is why we decided to buy ventilators. The contest for them was hard on the international markets, so we had to persist. We can say that it cannot happen that in Hungary, somebody would not receive ventilator care.

The needed number is accessible,”

they concluded.


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  1. There is character in the UK who would buy them: Daly ((Brit tv show viewers will know who I mean). A hreat Tv series called Minder.

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