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Immunity certificate, Hungary. Photo: Daily News Hungary ©️
Kazakhstan’s authorities have said that they would recognise coronavirus immunity certificates issued by their Hungarian, Thai, and Mongolian counterparts.
Holders of such certificates will be granted entry to Kazakhstan, according to a decree issued by the Kazakh chief medical officer on Saturday. So far, Hungary has concluded bilateral agreements with 15 other countries on mutually recognising immunity certificates and allowing free travel to each-other’s citizens.

These are:

  • Albania;
  • Bahrein;
  • Cyprus;
  • the Czech Republic;
  • North Macedonia;
  • Georgia;
  • Croatia;
  • Moldova;
  • Mongolia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Serbia;
  • Slovakia;
  • Slovenia;
  • Turkey;
  • Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Austrian citizens can still not enter Hungary

even if they obtain the so-called Austrian “green card”. A solution could be a similar bilateral agreement like in the case of Kazakhstan – wrote. The only exceptions are who

  • have a 30 to a 90-day-long residence permit in Hungary;
  • obtain a letter of invitation for medical purposes;
  • work near the border (30km);
  • or prove that they got the infection not earlier than six months.

It came to light yesterday that in Lower Austria authorities, found patients having the delta variant of the virus identified first in India. Furthermore, based on the Kronen Zeitung, today, seven more such infections were discovered. Authorities say that the five people concerned got the delta variant in five different countries – reported.


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