The President of the European Commission responded to and also shared the thankful message of the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister on Twitter.

As Hvg pointed out, Ursula von der Leyen not only shared but also commented in Hungarian on Twitter on the news that Hungary sent 150 ventilators to the Czech Republic to aid them in combatting the pandemic. The President of the European Commission, thanking the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, said that she welcomes such solidarity between the member states during these trying times.

“We need each other even more during the current pandemic,” she wrote.

Andrej Babiš thanked Viktor Orbán in his original post, adding that he was very grateful for the quick and significant help. The ventilators will be received by Czech firefighters and stored in the warehouse of the state reserve. From there, they will be transported to the appropriate hospitals if necessary.

Infection is spreading rapidly in the Czech Republic, with 15,252 new confirmed coronavirus cases detected on Friday, October 23. The number of patients in hospitals also rose to 5,044, of whom 751 are in serious condition. The number of deaths from Covid-19 and its complications increased to 1,971.

The Czech government is introducing new measures to control the infections; from Thursday, a whole range of retail and services are going to be restricted, and there is a curfew in force. Wearing face masks is obligatory everywhere. Schools have been closed and switched to distance learning, cultural and sporting events are currently on hold.

One of the main goals of the Czech government is to prevent healthcare from collapsing.

According to the Czech press, apart from Prague, there will be a camp hospital in Brno as well. The camp hospital in Prague has 500 beds, while the one in Brno will have 300.

coronavirus in Hungary
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  1. The headline does not make sense. It implies that the EC President received thanks for sending the ventilators, whereas she was sending thanks for Hungary having sent the ventilators.

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