The Blue Wave Flags (Kék Hullám Zászló) have been awarded to Lake Balaton’s best beaches of 2019. This was the 16th time the titles have been announced, helping people going on holiday to make the best decision about which beach they visit.

The Balaton Association comprised of local governments around the lake decided which beaches proved to be the best on the shores of the Hungarian sea. The contest has been assigning stars to those beaches that win a Blue Wave Flag since 2015, reports Sokszinuvidek.24.

This year, 35 beaches entered the contest. Various organisations took part in choosing which ones are worthy of the title. Several aspects were taken into consideration, such as parking availability, the state of the restrooms, cleanliness, the level of accessibility for disabled persons, the state of the environment, the quality of the playgrounds, and the opportunities to be in the shade. Opportunities for doing sports were also considered. Moreover, family friendly aspects such as the quality of changing tables and the availability of family changing rooms mattered as well. 

Cleanliness was really important for the judges, just like the quality of the services ensuring that guests are satisfied with the beach.

The Csopak Community Beach (Csopak Közösségi Strand) was given the most points this year. It received a special award as well. There were extra awards given to beaches that were the most family-friendly, had the best opportunities for doing sports, or was the most bike-friendly.

Check out the full list below.

5-star beaches of 2019

  • Alsóörs Community Beach (Alsóörs Közösségi Strand)
  • Badacsonytomaj City Beach (Badacsonytomaj Városi Strand)
  • Balatonakali Community Beach (Balatonakali Közösségi Strand)
  • Balatonalmádi Wesselényi Beach
  • Balatonberény Community Beach
  • Balatonboglár Platán Beach
  • Balatonföldvár Eastern Beach (Balatonföldvár Keleti strand)
  • Balatonfüred Esterházy Beach
  • Balatonfüred Kisfaludy Beach
  • Balatongyörök Community Beach (Balatongyörök Közösségi Strand)
  • Balatonlelle, Sunlight Beach (Napfény Strand)
  • Csopak Community Beach (Csopak Közösségi Strand)
  • Gyenesdiás Game Beach (Gyenesdiás Játék Strand)
  • Keszthely City Beach (Keszthely Városi Strand)
  • Szigliget, Community Beach (Közösségi Strand)
  • Vonyarcvashegy Lido Beach

4-star beaches of 2019

  • Ábrahámhegy Community Beach (Ábrahámhegy Közösségi Strand)
  • Balatonederics Green Wave (Balatonederics Zöld Hullám)
  • Balatonföldvár Western Beach (Balatonföldvár Nyugati Strand)
  • Balatonmáriafürdő Central Beach
  • Balatonszárszó Mikszáth Street Central Beach
  • Balatonudvardi Fönyvesi Beach
  • Balatonudvardi Community Beach (Balatonudvari Közösségi Strand)
  • Fonyód Sándortelepi Panorama Beach
  • Gyenesdiás Lido Beach
  • Keszthely Libás Beach
  • Révfülöp Császtai Beach
  • Siófok Grand Beach
  • Zamárdi Grand Beach
  • Zánka Community Beach (Zánka Közösségi Strand)

3-star beaches of 2019

  • Balatonfüred, Camping (Széchenyi Strandfürdő)
  • Balatonfűzfő Fövenyfürdő
  • Balatonfűzfő Tobruk Beach
  • Keszthely Helikon Beach
  • Révfülöp Island Beach







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