synchronized swimming world cup
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As 2019 approaches, Budapest can once again prepare for hosting a prestigious event in the Danube Arena: the Superfinal of the Synchronized Swimming World Cup.

Following the 2017 FINA Swimming World Championships and the FINA Swimming World Cup, Hungary hosts another outstanding swimming-related event. While competitors of the FINA Swimming World Cup will come to Hungary in October, as the fourth stop of the event series, synchronized swimmers will be in Budapest next year.

Check out the details of the FINA Swimming World Cup, organised in Hungary in October here!

It is not the first time that the Danube Arena hosts such prestigious events. The arena was designed to offer a home to sports competitions and events and was specifically adjusted for the Swimming World Cup. The Danube Arena gave place to an event that is a bit different from swimming: the  the AIBA Youth World Championships in August. For this event, the arena has been re-designed and water has been drained from the pools that stayed covered for the whole event.

In 2017, Budapest has already hosted a synchronized swimming competition during the 17th FINA World Championships that were organized at several locations in Budapest, including the City Park.

synchronized swimming world cup
Photo: Danube Arena newsletter

Now the time has finally come for Hungary to host another exclusive event the finales of the 2019 Synchronized Swimming World Cup!

Tamás Gyárfás, former head of the Hungarian Swimming Association reported about the great news as a member in the FINA Bureau, responsible for synchronized swimming. The planned date of the superfinales is 14-16th June, where only the best 12 of all categories can participate.

This means that it will be only the swimming superstars that have the chance to come to Budapest to the finales.

Participants of the competition can receive points from 10 former stations and based on this the finale contesters will be determined. One thing is sure: winners will receive huge prizes!

Featured image: Danube Arena Newsletter

Source: Danube Arena Newsletter

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