writes that the visuals of the mobile pools and stands for the events held in the City Park have been released. We knew that the organisers were planning to have some events on the City Park Lake, but no one could really imagine how it would look like. Well, it turned out that the visuals are available on the website.

“Finally there will be more green areas in the City Park” as the members of a City Park protector Facebook group write satiristically. And they are right, the bottom of the pools designed for the lake is definitely green on the following visual.

It turns out from the attached text that the stands will be able to fit 5000 spectators. They summarise the story of the lake and the ice-rink, and then get down to the matter: “Even though the ice-rink has been the home of many winter sport events, it will show a new side of her at the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships. The new challenge is posed by the organising of synchronised swimming events, which come hand in hand with the performance of two mobile pools. The unique premier might even be the start of a new tradition because of the given from the picturesque environment, the monuments of Heroes’ Square, the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Műcsarnok (Art Gallery).”

Unfortunately, they don’t write whether or not the pools will float on the water (not likely) or stand in the lake (likely), and whether or not there will be water in the lake during the period (probably not). Nevertheless, there were people who wondered how the structure would take the rampage or the simple movement of spectators if it was to be floating on the lake. Others wondered if the old concrete bed could take the pressure of a higher water-spout if the structure was to be built on the underlay.

We don’t know the answers to these questions, but Index has a reasonable point: how will 5000 people get in and out the venue quickly, without a hitch? Nonetheless, this amount of people wouldn’t be much more than what the museums will attract. So the idea might even work if it’s well thought out.


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