reported about an exceptional act by a Hungarian runner in the final of women’s 3000 m obstacle course at the U20 European Championships. Two Hungarian runners made it into the final, one of them fell to the ground, but the other helped her immediately.

The potential winner and the leader of the European ranking list, Lili Anna Tóth took the lead right away in the final, but she fell quite badly in the third round and posed as an obstacle for the runners behind her. Everyone passed by except for fellow Hungarian runner Tíra Pavuk, who stopped and tried to get Lili Anna Tóth back on her feet.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue the race, she suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to the hospital. Then Pavuk continued the race amidst an applause. The applause could give her an enormous boost, because she still managed to forerun someone in the end, thus finishing in the 12th place.

“I have to admit, I didn’t see Lili’s fall. Naturally, I tried to encourage her to continue, but she fell so badly that she couldn’t. When I asked her how she was, she said that she was dizzy, I could tell that she was shocked. I just got a call from the hospital, so I know that she didn’t break a bone. The applause I received from the audience was fantastic, first I thought that they were cheering for another event. My goal was to reach the final, I still did it with a personal record, so I’m satisfied” said Tíra Pavuk.

“Due to the fall, Lili hit her head and hip, so she had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily, she didn’t break a bone, but they kept her for the night in case of a concussion. If everything goes well, they’ll let her go next morning. I’d like to express how proud I am of Tíra, she was welcomed with an applause in the restaurant at our accommodation” said team leader György Lengyák.

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