Budapest Legend is an interactive, searchable map database of Budapest’s most notable contemporary buildings. The website was launched with the contribution of the Chamber of Budapest Architects, the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and the Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture and Construction. Budapest Legend presents the artistic achievements of the profession in a way that is easily accessible for all.

The aim of the Chamber of Budapest Architects was to create a map database including the defining contemporary Budapest buildings of the last decades. The resulting catalogue creates an interactive, searchable database of contemporary buildings that provides useful information not only for builders and investors but also for the representatives of associated arts, civil and professional researchers of urban history, and the general public interested in architecture, Octogon reported. In addition to the map display, the website also includes a brief description of every building complemented with photos. The filters allow viewers to search by district, architect, prize, function, or building category.

This unique database includes buildings that have received widespread professional recognition and serve as benchmarks for future works.

The buildings of the last twenty years that have been recognised by the Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence constitute the foundation of the catalogue, and it is continuously supplemented by the works to be awarded in the following years. The districts of the capital and other professional organisations also have the opportunity to nominate buildings they consider exemplary, and these works are assessed by the Chamber of Budapest Architects.

The aim of the project is to present the outstanding works of contemporary architecture in Budapest in an easy-to-read and inspiring format.

Budapest Legend contributes to the Chamber of Budapest Architects’ efforts to present the artistic achievements of the profession, inform the general public, and enhance their sensitivity to architecture.

The map is available in English and Hungarian on the link.

Párisi Udvar Hall
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  1. If you are interested in innovative and exciting modern architecture, don’t bother looking at the site – there isn’t any.

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