Millennium Underground Railway földalatti Budapest

Centre of Budapest Transport (BKK) has announced the public procurement of the extension and repair of Metro 1 in Budapest. Only the authorisation and the plans of the execution are needed, and the project will be finally ready to launch, as reported.

The extension includes a new elevator and exit on Deák Square, a new exit on Heroes’ Square and Oktogon, a new station under Hungária Boulevard and a new final station on Vigadó Square. Besides these, many stations’ accessibility will be improved.

In a separate work phase, the line will be extended from Mexikói Street to Kassai Square, and in a further phase, the line will reach the intersection at Marchieggi Bridge.

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BKK is progressing well with the renewal and extension of M1. The procurement for the licenses and plans for execution is already announced. If these will succeed, only the construction requires another procurement. After that, the working process may begin.

BKK has already run a research and a study for the reconstruction and extension of Metro 1 earlier. The plans consist of three phases.

The first phase includes the current line’s renewal and its extension to Vígadó Square; the second phase includes the prolonging to Kassai Square, until the future line of tram 3; and the third phase includes the lengthening to Marcheggi Bridge. The process also involves the purchase of new rakes with larger capacity without partition.

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In phase one, the execution plans and the licenses need to cover a 4.8-kilometer-long distance. Some stations will get some new improvements:

Deák Square will have an elevator which grants access to the surface and metro lines M2 and M3. Another exit will also be constructed to shorten the way down to the station from Kiskörút.

Oktogon station will also receive a new exit in order to improve accessibility from Andrássy Street. The number of exits will be doubled at Heroes’ Square due to the large number of events hosted at the monument.

The most important stations will be cleared of obstacles. Each station will be renewed, which will involve the restoration of some historical monuments in some cases.

A new station will be established under Hungária Boulevard to provide an opportunity for passengers to change for tram 1.

The new last stop will be constructed under Vigadó Square, which is only a couple of meters away from the current terminus. It will create a better access to the bank of Danube.

The electricity support system also requires some improvements as the new rakes will be able to transfer energy back to the system.

The current rakes will operate on occasion as MillFAV Museum will purchase them as parts of a nostalgia trip.

The second phase involves the making of plans for licensing and execution, as well as the authorisation of the prolonging between Mexikói Street and Kassai Square. Kassai Square will also receive a new U-turn.

In the third phase, designers have to create the intermodal plans for the intersection at Marchieggi Bridge and the line between Kassai Square and Marchieggi Bridge.

Finally, the fourth phase will involve a research study for the detailed execution.


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