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Photo by: Piyabay, Hungarian Parliament’s location

Next Monday’s extraordinary parliamentary session convened at the request of opposition parties is likely to lack quorum because government party lawmakers do not plan to attend.

The session announced on the parliament’s website is scheduled to start 1 pm1pm and the agenda includes the discussion of a Socialist proposal to “cancel lex CEU”, involving the amendment of the higher education law, and an LMP proposal to re-introduce the moratorium on forced evictions affecting people who took out mortgages in foreign currency.

However, ruling Fidesz group leader Lajos Kósa told public Kossuth Radio last Sunday that the party’s MPs will not attend the session because there is no reason for parliament to convene in the summer. Fidesz lawmaker Gyula Budai confirmed at a press conference on Wednesday that ruling party lawmakers plan to stay away.

The proposal for convening the session has been signed by the Socialists, LMP group members and independents.

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Source: MTI

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