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Make sure to grab your warmest clothes, because according to and, severely low sub-zero temperatures similarly to the subarctic weather shall be expected during the week.

Following that, Wednesday will bring less clouds and more hours of sunshine, furthermore, snowing is not at all predicted for the day. Still, you will need the warm coat and boots, for sub-zero temperatures will remind everyone that it is wintertime: during the day -1 and -6 degrees, whereas at night, -7 and -15 degrees will be displayed when you check the weather. Moreover, the northern, north-east winds will be strong.

Thursday and Friday are both expected to remain snow-less, yet the temperature does not seem to want to stop getting lower and lower: the night-time temperature might even reach the freezing -20 degrees. The warmest hours of Friday will welcome -2 and -8 degrees.

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The weather will not change prominently on Saturday either, although in some places mild snowing shall appear. In terms of numbers: daytime will bring a maximum temperature of -1 and -10 degrees, while night-time will be mostly characterized by -8 and -13 degrees, however, -14 and -20 are also probable in the areas covered in snow.

Sunday will face a varying weather, as cloudy, foggy, and sunny skies exchange each other. Light snowing and freezing rain may occur, but the sunny areas will reach a maximum temperature of 0, albeit the foggy and cloudy locations would get only to -8 degrees. The coldest times will also be less cold: the minimum temperature will vary between -6 and -16 Celsius degrees.

Icebreakers on Danube (Serbia, Croatia)

Photo: MTI Photo: MTI Photo: MTI Photo: MTI

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