Although in May, there was a record amount of rain, the Hungarian swimming pools, beaches and aquaparks are open and expect more guests in June and July due to the extremely warm weather.

Pénzcentrum collected the most popular and visited aquaparks in Hungary with their entrance fees, number of pools, slides and other features. In the country, there are currently twenty-two establishments with swimming pools and slides with extraordinary and special features in order to offer the perfect water experience for visitors. In these Hungarian aquaparks, there is an average of fifteen swimming pools available for guests.

Zalaegerszeg, Aquapark, Hungary

The exception is the aquapark in Hajdúszoboszló (Hajdú-Bihar County) with forty-five pools and fifteen slides, making it the biggest bathing establishment in Hungary.

In Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa, there are thirty-four while in Sárvár Healing and Wellness Spar, there are twenty swimming pools providing relaxational opportunities for guests. It is not just the number but the type we have to mention regarding swimming pools: outdoor and indoor ones, swimming pools, thermal pools, wave pools, children’s pools, adventurous pools, slides, saunas, etc.

aquapark, slides

Regarding the number of slides, the first place goes to Aquarena Mogyoród with an impressive number of twenty-six slides. In Cegléd Healing Spa and Aqua Centre. there are eighteen while in Aquacinema Kisvárda, there are seventeen slides to be tried besides swimming.

The average price of Hungarian aquaparks: 9 EUR–15 EUR

(These prices are only valid until June 30. From July 1, changes can be made)

Hungarospa Hajdúszobolszó (Hajdú-Bihar County)

  • Adults: 3400 HUF / 10 EUR (Mo–Fr) – 4000 HUF / 12 EUR (Sa–Su)
  • Students: 2300 HUF / 7 EUR (Mo–Fr) – 2900 HUF / 9 EUR (Sa–Su)
  • Children (below 7 years old): 1300 HUF / 4 EUR (Mo–Fr) – 1800 HUF / 5 EUR (Sa–Su)
Hungarospa, aquapark, Hungary

Annagora Aquapark (Balatonfüred – Lake Balaton)

  • Adults: 2900 HUF / 9 EUR – All-in ticket: 6000 HUF / 18 EUR
  • Students (10–18 years old): 2700 HUF / 8 EUR – All-in ticket: 5200 HUF / 16 EUR
  • Children (3–10 years old): 2400 HUF / 7 EUR – All-in ticket: 4100 HUF / 12 EUR
Annagora, Aquapark, Hungary

Virág Spa Kaposvár (Kaposvár)

  • Adults: 3300 HUF / 10 EUR
  • Youngsters/Retired: 2300 HUF / 7 EUR
Virágfürdő, Kaposvár, aquapark

Zalakaros Spa (Zalakaros)

  • Adults: 4800 HUF / 14 EUR
  • Students (6–18 years old): 3800 HUF / 11 EUR
  • Children (3–5 years old): 950 HUF / 3 EUR
Zalakaros, aquapark, Hungary

Aquaworld Resort Budapest

  • Adults: 6490 HUF / 20 EUR
  • Students/Retired: 5290 HUF / 16 EUR
  • Children (3–13 years old): 3190 HUF / 10 EUR
Aquaworld Budapest, Hungary

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