Roland Molnár, who also made a fascinating drone video of Balaton Upland recently, has published a new footage about Somló from a bird-eye view, as highlighted.

Somló is a 431 meters high volcanic mountain in the eastern region of the Marcal Basin. It received its name for being covered in cornel, which is called “som” in Hungarian.

The area is famous for its excellent wines, even though this wine sector is the smallest in the country, spreading throughout only 600 hectares of grapes. Once the reputation of Somló’s wine was similar to Tokaj’s, mostly due to the fact that the spicy, acidic and full bodied wines were easy to transport.

Now the wines of Somló are almost unknown beyond the borders of Hungary, but Hungarian wine consumers still respect them among the best ones. These wines are made exclusively of white grapes. The most widespread kinds in this wine sector are the Welschriesling, the Juhfark, the Furmint, the Hárslevelű and Tramini.

Roland Molnár’s video of three minutes shows the beauties of Somló from the vineyards through the mountain ranges to the castle. Watch it and share our admiration towards this territory.

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