Platio, the Hungarian smart pavement, got a lot of recognition in international media, and now the inventors of it have come up something new: smart benches with solar panels. reports that the whole world is interested in the smart benches set up at Városháza Park, Budapest.

Both the Hungarian and international media was swoon by a Hungarian invention, called Platio. Platio is a kind of pavement that harnesses and transforms those resources that would otherwise go to waste. These are human steps, biking, sunlight and night time public lighting.

The inventors of Platio came up with something creative and environment-friendly again, smart benches to be precise. These benches were made available to the public this summer at Városháza Park and can be used to charge your smartphone. Two international papers have written about it already, Mashable and Inhabitat.

The team worked together with the creators of Hello Wood, as they produced the wooden part of the benches. However, this time the emphasis is not on the exciting and comfortable design of the benches, but on the fact that they have the solar panel Platios built-in.

This pop-up island of relaxation has made the area a much more friendly and tranquil place. Apart from the smart benches, table tennis- and teqball tables have been set up for those looking for a fun time. There were flower-boxes installed and two fire hydrants were transformed into drinking wells, so now the park is not only pleasant, but also safe in this hot weather.

The Platio team has entered into a competition by one of the most prestigious landscape architecture magazines in the world. You can vote for them here.

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featured photo: Mashable News / YouTube


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