Those Hungarians who do not believe in the dangerous effects of the coronavirus, who think that the disease is spread by Bill Gates on 5G network and that wearing masks is like being dogs now have to find another platform to share their thoughts as Facebook shut down all of these Hungarian groups.

HVG reported that all of the major Hungarian Facebook groups that denied the existence and danger of the epidemic suddenly disappeared in one night. Groups with more than 100,000 members now cannot be accessed on the platform. Until this moment, if someone reported these groups through Facebook, the reply was that these chatrooms and groups are not against the policy of the social media platform, and deleting them is not necessary. 

First, many English-language groups disappeared, and it seems like Facebook started to straighten out the Hungarian ones as well.

Tom Alison, the vice president of Facebook, stated that in groups providing health advice for people, only doctors and medical experts should provide information. It is important to stay away from groups that deny the virus and to only believe information coming from reliable news sources and medical institutions.

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