truck Waberer's video transport came across a video about a quite mad Hungarian truck driver on the Crazy Transport and Truck Pictures Facebook page. Let’s just say that the truck trailer has seen better days as it is only held together by a few lifting belts.

As the name suggests, the page shares crazy videos depicting scenarios that you would not even think could happen in real life.

And now, a Hungarian driver became part of the collection with a dangerous performance.

The trailer of the truck looks very odd as it can be seen on the footage made by another driver. The person uploaded the short video to the Facebook group, and just like it usually happens, it became viral quite soon.

We do not know where the footage was taken, but one thing is for sure: the trailer covered with a Waberer’s canvas looked really bad. The whole frame seems convoluted and it looks as if it could fall apart any minute.

Since the video was posted in a closed group, you can only watch it by clicking HERE. Trust us, it is worth it!

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