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The stories of the two guys are almost identical: they came to visit Budapest, wanted to go to a party, visited Insta, danced, and security staff beat them even though – according to them – they did nothing wrong. One of them already reported the issue to the police.

Peter Pfeifer arrived with his boyfriend to Budapest on February 2, 2020, as part of their European tour during which they planned to stay in the Hungarian capital for three days. On February 3 they went on a pub crawl to the Instant-Fogas Club in the downtown of Budapest. After dancing a lot, they decided to leave the place; however, on the way out of the club a bouncer started to shout with him saying in bad English that he did something wrong to the door.

Instant Budapest beaten
Source: Peter Pfeifer Facebook

According to the police report, he was moderately drunk, so he could remember that he was just walking out of the place and did nothing wrong. He then asked him not to be rude since he did nothing wrong, but in return, the bouncer punched him. Since he tried to defend himself, three other members of the security staff gathered around him, one of them was chocking his neck.

After some additional punches in the face and head, he was thrown out from the place.

Peter said in a Facebook post that it was an act of “hate, racism and sexism since I am openly gay and brown looking and it seems to me that the bouncer was waiting for me at the exit to start a fight and assault me.” He and his boyfriend called the police and the ambulance immediately, he was taken to the hospital where they did a CT MRI Scan on his head and X-ray on his right-hand middle finger. Finally, the doctor placed a cast on his middle finger on his right hand.

Instant Budapest beaten
Source: Peter Pfeifer Facebook

Another guy (let us name him Jack) wrote us that a similar event happened to his boyfriend (let us say that he is now Peter) a week ago in the same pub. They went to the Instant together and danced for long. At about 1 am, Peter accidentally pushed a bouncer, and then all hell broke loose. “He did not even have the opportunity to see who is it and say sorry because

he was straight away chocked, pushed to the floor and dragged for about 100m outside. His glasses were destroyed

– he cleared in a message written for us.

The security guy later said that Peter acted aggressively. Afterwards, Jack sent three emails, but they did not even answer.

Instant Budapest beaten
One of Budapest’s famous pubs. Source:

Therefore, he posted on Facebook, where a lady responsible for social media answered that they saw the videos and

the manager offered to pay for new glasses.

We asked him why he was removed from the club this way, and the manager told that they were closing” – Peter wrote. “So we asked if it is normal that you remove people like this from the club. He said yes and also told that he has nothing else to offer us and he hang up.”

Peter wrote to us that, after the incident, they did not want to remain in Budapest for any longer. He says that what happened was a racist and homophobic attack against his boyfriend who did nothing wrong.

  1. I’ve been visiting lärm and instant several times as an Erasmus student and I witnessed countless homophobic incidents with the bouncers. People got banned, beaten up or treated super rude just because they were openly gay.

  2. I’ve been visiting lärm and instant several times past year and I witnessed countless homophobic incidents with the bouncers. People got banned, beaten up or treated super rude just because they were openly gay.

  3. Not a bit shocked at this. The Right wing idiots are rising to an unexpected level. The Three Stooges, of Orban, Putin and Trump have been pushing their agenda, while claiming National security to repeat Hitler’s Horrors. LOOK AT HISTORY !!!

  4. Do they have a security cameras?
    It would make this dispute clear
    I’ve been to this place and do not observe any inappropriate behavior from pub security
    I felt more safe because of them ,they acted professionaly
    There is a lot of biased people like Jim, with Trump deranged syndrome , with that liberal agenda
    Who came to this Great country with no respect to local people
    And customers and Hungarian people need protection from them

  5. I’m always left feeling this country is still very backward in its thinking and views.

  6. Hungary is one of the world’s most rudely bahaving nations. I learned this during my week stay in Budapest and I recommend everyone to stay away from this city there is very little to see with arrogant people.

  7. Haha, you were fighting with one of the security guys 🙂
    I saw everything so tell the truth and do not lie.

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