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A new website promoting Hungary’s traditional pálinka fruit brandy has been launched in Hungarian and English by the farm ministry and the national pálinka council at http://nemzetipalinkakivalosag.hu/.

The website of the national pálinkas of excellence programme presents the various types of Hungarian pálinkas, a map of where they are produced and shows some of the country’s best distilleries, the Deputy State Secretary for Origin Protection Péter Gál said on Wednesday.

The pálinkas of excellence programme was launched in 2014 and the national pálinka council has organised annual tasting events since 2015 in order to promote the consumption of quality drinks and a culture of drinking palinka in moderation, he added.

The ministry said that last year 99 percent of the pálinka produced in Hungary was sold domestically.

For that matter, we recently shared an article about whether or not it is possible for pálinka to gain international fame besides being the national drink Hungarians are proud of. There are attempts to sell it mixed in cocktails, and it seems like a good idea so far.

Featured image: www.agroinform.com

Source: MTI

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