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Hungarian gastronomy is known for its fatty, greasy foods. Hungarian cuisine also involves a lot of meat-heavy dishes. Even though pork is a favourite addition in Hungarian meals – just think of the famous bean soup á la Jókai, the Hungarian lecsó or black pudding (hurka) -, there are numerous delicious staple dishes that are made with chicken.

In Hungary, the most popular types of meat present in the majority of our staple dishes are pork, beef and, of course, chicken. Turkey is much less consumed, not to mention other, more specific types of meat such as duck or lamb. When it comes to fish, we have the famous fish soup that is also part of the Christmas menu.

Favourite Hungarian ingredients – pork

Chicken stew

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Chicken stew is very popular among Hungarians. Basically, every household has their own version – actually, this means that you can make it from other types of meat, too, like pork or beef. The origins of this dish go way back, even before the time of the Hungarian conquest. Stew-like dishes indeed have a long history. However, the version we know and love today is more recent than that, first popping up in 18th-century cookbooks. It is most often accompanied by noodles, but you can choose a garnish that fits your tastes, too.

For the recipe to try at home, click here.

Újházi chicken soup

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There is nothing better when you are feeling sick or just cold because of the weather than having a nice bowl of homemade chicken soup. The újházi chicken soup is perfect for this purpose. Interestingly, it is also a popular dish to consume at weddings. Legends say that this soup got its name after a popular 19th-century actor who also loved gastronomy and dabbled in a bit of cooking. By the early 20th century, famous Hungarian writers and essayists even included the dish in their works. Today, it is definitely a staple dish in Hungary that foreigners can enjoy just as much.

For the recipe to make at home, click here.

Chicken paprikash

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Another favourite Hungarian dish is the chicken paprikash. It is somewhat similar to the chicken stew, with one notable exception: the chicken paprikash is made with sour cream, another ingredient Hungarians love to add to most things. The tender chicken, the mixture of sour cream and paprika in the sauce together with the special Hungarian noodles called ‘nokedli’ make a divine combination. You have to try it at least once. You can make it at home, too; just follow this recipe.

Fried chicken drumsticks

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There are several dishes in the Hungarian cuisine that have Austrian origins, understandably so when we look at history. The fried chicken drumsticks are prepared similarly to the famous Wiener Schnitzel. However, while the schnitzel is officially made from veal, occasionally from pork (in which case it can only be called Viennese style schnitzel), in Hungary, a popular dish for Sunday lunch is chicken in batter. Some like to make it from chicken or turkey breast, but chicken legs work equally well. Add some mashed potatoes or rice, and you have the perfect Sunday meal.

In Hungary, fried cheese is also extremely popular; if you feel up for a vegetarian alternative, check out the recipe HERE.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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  1. I married a Hungarian and his mother was a great cook, a huge variety of delicious meals, desserts, cakes and biscuits were always readily whipped up. I learned how to cook many dishes with her. She is gone now but we all still so enjoy her recipes. I especially loved the frozen pastries and pogacsa dough.

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