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It is a great opportunity for a winery if their products become available at the duty-free shop of Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest, as the tourists who just realized that they have not bought enough souvenirs seek these “treasures” frequently. Do you know which wines are the most popular ones in these shops? Turizmus Online found the answers.

Liszt Ferenc airport’s duty free shop is the shop window of the wine market. It is interesting to know the lucky products that make it to the front. Fortunately, the variety of wines in Ferihegy’s shops seems to be of good quality and quite diverse.

Customers can find both red and white wines, as well as different types of champagnes. The list of wineries and areas of origin, however, is not that long. We can observe that mainly wines from Tokaj, Szekszárd and Villány dominate. Among wineries, Sauska seems to be the king of the duty free shops, as they represent themselves with red wines, champagnes and aszús as well. There is only one other winery that offers champagnes in this unit: that is the Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar with its three brands (Törley, François and Hungaria).

Besides these, Vida, Vylyan, Chateau Dereszla, Disznókő, Dobogó, Count Degenfeld, Oremus and Royal Tokaji are also represented among the offers of the airport’s shop. The merchandising of the wines is Gebr. Heinemann’s privilege from Hamburg. They are the owners of the third greatest duty-free chain in the world, and they are the highest ranking in Europe. A tender is announced at the beginning of each year, to which companies can submit samples. The experts decide about the current year’s offers by September. They also consider the sales data of each wine and wineries in the duty-free shop from last year.

From the current supply, Vylyan Kakas Rosé (5.79 euros) and Dorombor 2 (8.15 euros) are the cheapest. The most expensive wine of the duty-free shop is the Sauska Cuvée with the enormous price of 97.12 euros.

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Source: Turizmus Online

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