The first Formula 1 car that was made in Pécs is finally finished: it’s a fire red Ferrari, as Dunántúli Napló was informed. Although it does not have an engine, and it’s only a 1:8 scale model, every little detail is a perfect copy of the original, writes

The production has begun in the Pécs base of the British Amalgam Fine Model Cars. The company makes luxury Formula 1 cars that have no engines, and might be a little small; however, these are world-class and extremely expensive model cars. Some companies, dedicated collectors, and fans of luxury items would pay even the worth of 2 million HUF for these little cars in Euros, Fonts, or in American Dollars.

The cars are primarily made of plastic, but they also have some leather, fabric, and metal parts and the tires are made of the same material as the real tires. The first fire red Ferrari that was made in Pécs is already finished, and the company’s goal is to have 10 models ready until Christmas. Ferrari model

The factory is located in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, and currently has 20 employees who had to undergo a severe selection procedure. The company plans to increase the number of workers, and might have 150 employees by next year. According to some sources, there’s a possibility that Pécs will not only do the assembling, but all the other phases of the production as well, such as construction, design, and the production of the components and materials (most of the latter come from China).

Most of the cars will be 1:8 scale models, but there’s a chance that the company will make a 1:1 model as well; in other words, it will be the exact replica of a real life car, made of plastic. These life-sized cars can be put on display in cities with Formula 1 tracks, like San Marino, or even Budapest.

The company, Amalgam Fine Model Cars, has found the city of Pécs through the National Development Agency (NFÜ), where the associates of the Pécs Urban Development Company searched for an ideal location. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter proved to be ideal, because the company could immediately start the production, and several other (currently empty) buildings can be provided if the company decides to increase its workforce. Also, the Cultural Quarter was designed in a way so it can give home to several companies working in the creative industry. The famous glove manufacturing company is part of this project, but the model car factory also fits in perfectly.

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