Budapest, May 11 (MTI) – Hungary’s approach to migration will be the historic stake of the 2018 general election, the campaign chief of ruling Fidesz told daily Magyar Idők on Thursday.

“If a country makes a wrong decision on migration, it cannot be corrected later. The opposition parties which believe in multiculturalism and are at the mercy of their billionaire financiers have already joined the pro-migration choir of Brussels and are only waiting for a chance to act,” MEP András Gyürk said.

Over the past few weeks, the opposition staged a “dress rehearsal” for their election campaign in the streets of Budapest, and in many cases “the aggressive and rough tone” of these demonstrations foreshadowed the nature of their campaign, he said.

“The dress rehearsal, however, backfired. The opposition turned out to be more divided and more fragmented than ever while the nationalist side is united and determined,” he said, calling the “sweeping success” of the ongoing “national consultation” public survey a reaction to the recent events.

Gyürk said that the “extreme liberal online media, frustrated by the incompetence of the opposition parties, has lost its patience and decided to take over political control and start to dictate both the agenda and the pace.”

The multicultural ideology championed by these media outlets and their financier, [US billionaire] George Soros, stands very far from the overwhelming majority of Hungarians voters, and is merely supported by a tiny minority even on the left, he said.

The failure of the now defunct Alliance of Free Democrats, he said, demonstrated that this ideology is insufficient for helping a single party to gain seats in parliament.

“All this may have grave consequences for the left wing. If things carry on that way, the 2018 general election may become a Waterloo of them,” the Fidesz campaign chief said.

Photo: MTi

Source: MTI

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