Vác, 2018. február 28. Németh Szilárd, az Országgyûlés honvédelmi és rendészeti bizottságának fideszes elnöke sajtótájékoztatót tart a Váci Fegyház és Börtönben, miután látogatást tett az intézményben 2018. február 28-án. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

Szilárd Németh spoke to Fidesz supporters on a public forum in Pétfürdő about which he posted a video on Facebook. According to, he spoke about migration and economic questions. Finally, he highlighted that the Western-European countries made people give up manual labour in the last decades. However, he and his party represent another work philosophy.

Dep. chairman of Fidesz: we forgot to be at 6 o’clock in the factory

According to the governing party’s deputy chairman, nowadays everybody is expected to have a degree. He added that those who do not have one are not considered humans.

Furthermore, he stated that some universities in Hungary are not worth to be called institutions of higher education. Those who get their diploma at these universities cannot find work. In contrast,

it would be much better to have more roofers.

And if somebody is a roofer that does not mean that he or she is dumb or illiterate – he added. “They do their job, a job that you, mate, cannot do from your armchair for professors. And they can earn a living. People were made to give up manual labour. Others work for you. Trump tries to reverse this process now.”

According to, he added that

owners of capital take their profit out from Hungary.

Besides, they produce poorer products for us. According to him, these companies give money to people who “forgot how to work”. They simply forgot that they have to be in the factory at 6 o’clock.

Though it is a commonplace in Hungary that many degrees are not worth anything, this claim is untrue – states To be specific, there is no empiric data that supports this statement. For example, the Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research published a research in which it claimed that

those having a degree have the best positions on the Hungarian job market.

Robotization does not stop Németh

Furthermore, their employment rate is extremely high compared to other groups. Finally, their salaries are outstanding, too. Moreover, an engineer and an art student have the same chances in the job market. Even so,

the rate of the graduates is below the OECD-average in Hungary.

According to, it is worth to mention that technical progress is changing the world of work impalpably quickly at present. Clearly, more and more jobs are robotised; mostly those that need manual labourers working in factories. And Fidesz’s deputy chairman would like to increase their number in Hungary.

In fact, this is not the first time that Németh expressed his opinion on the Hungarian higher education on Facebook. According to his biography reachable on the official website of the Hungarian National Assembly, he is only able to speak Italian on a conversation level. He commented on a famous Hungarian film last year:

Language exam is something where Hungarian people fail in order to make them unable to receive jobs.”


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  1. So what kind of education did Szilárd Németh get? Oh! University?! I think i’ll get a University education too if i can. Thanks!

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