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Photo: Donald Tusk/Facebook

The European People’s Party should strengthen its dedication to centre-right politics, the deputy leader of ruling Fidesz said on Monday after meeting senior German politicians in Berlin.

Katalin Novák, who is also the state secretary for family and youth affairs at the human resources ministry, told public media that whereas “many people try to give the impression that Fidesz could be simply expelled” from the EPP and the party was idly waiting for a decision, “this is actually not the case at all”.

Fidesz is actively pursuing a form of cooperation which would “be the best possible way for Hungarians and also Europeans.”

“We hope the EPP will be capable of protecting and representing classic centre-right politics and Christian values in the future” and “it will not shift further left,” she added.

“We are very much counting on our German allies because a sober voice and a centre-right political force are much needed also in Germany,” Novák said.

Source: MTI

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