Budapest, December 22 (MTI) – Fidesz’s ability to govern has been compromised by the loss of an unprecedented, nearly one million, voters in a few months, Ferenc Gyurcsany, leader of the Democratic Coalition, said.

Gyurcsany described 2014 as a year when “the country and the government were faltering”. Next year will be spent preparing the Orban government’s fall, he told a press conference on Monday.

The year’s climax will be the anti-government rallies to be organised at the March 15 holiday, Gyurcsany said, adding that these could be the biggest opposition rallies since the democratic transition.

He encouraged people attending anti-government demonstrations to support their own organisations freely and to be proud of this diversity. They can use party flags and badges to express their support, he added.

Fidesz said in response that Gyurcsany seems to have forgotten that Hungarian voters expressed overwhelming support for Fidesz three times this year. In fact it was the left that had failed during the year, the party said in a statement. Instead of “incitement committed as part of a US action plan”, Gyurcsany should respect the decision of the Hungarian people, the statement added.


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