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Almeria, 2018. július 17. A spanyol tengeri mentõszolgálat által a Gibraltári-szorosban a tengerbõl kimentett, Európába igyekvõ fekete-afrikai illegális bevándorlók a dél-spanyolországi Almeria kikötõjében 2018. július 16-án. A mentõk 43, gumicsónakon utazó bevándorlót vettek hajójuk fedélzetére. (MTI/EPA/Carrasco Ragel)

A levy on immigration, which could be called a “Soros tax”, provides another line of defense for Hungary, the spokesman for the parliamentary group of governing Fidesz said at a press conference on Sunday.

All organisations that support immigration will have to pay the levy, according to legislation approved by lawmakers on Friday that will come into force before the summer ends, said István Hollik.

The law introduces a 25 percent levy on “material support for the operation of NGOs whose activities support immigration”.

It subjects NGOs to the levy that provide assistance to the immigration of non-EU nationals or foreigners without residency permits either “directly or indirectly”. Such “programmes, operations [or] activities” that “are designed to promote immigration” may be in the framework of “conducting or participating in media campaigns and media seminars”, “organising education”, “establishing or operating networks” or “propaganda that paints immigration in a positive light”. All proceeds from the levy will go towards protecting the border.

Hollik said the immigration levy provides the country with another means of protection in addition to the border fence, legal measures taken to seal the border, a constitutional amendment prohibiting the resettlement in the country of foreign nationals without right of residency or freedom of movement, and the passage of the “Stop Soros” package of legislation, referring to a plan for managing the migrant crisis earlier outlined by the investor George Soros.

“Soros organisations” will have to pay if they undertake any activities supporting immigration and if anybody accepts support for this purpose, he added.

The “Soros organisations” are working to make Europe a continent of immigrants and Hungary a country of immigrants, which is why the levy could be dubbed the “Soros tax”, Hollik said.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Carrasco Ragel

Source: MTI

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