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‘It is unacceptable that the NGOs to be supported from EU funds are planned to be “selected in Brussels under political criteria”‘, the European parliamentary group of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance said on Tuesday.

The EP’s plenary session discussed plans to establish a European Values Instrument, it said.

The instrument is meant to support NGOs promoting democracy, the rule of law and fundamental values in EU member states.

The group rejected the proposal, arguing that the instrument would enable Brussels to determine which civil organisations are useful for the EU and which ones are required on national or local level.

“This is against common sense and infringes on the principle of subsidiarity,” it said.

The proposal would also interfere with the grassroots structure essential to these organisations. EU funding would cast doubt on the independence of the NGOs singled out and thereby pose a question on their responsibility, it said, concluding that the new instrument would endanger the essence of democracy.

Source: MTI

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