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Only Fidesz opposes migration in Hungary, the ruling party’s communications chief said on Thursday.

Balázs Hidvéghi told a press conference that the “entire opposition, including Jobbik,” had joined billionaire George Soros.

Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s press conference earlier in the day, Hidvéghi said the issue of migration would dominate the European parliamentary election in May. Read more about the international press conference HERE.

Instead of aspiring for power, the opposition attacks the government and Orbán, “the figurehead of anti-migration policy in Europe”.

“The Hungarian opposition represents Brussels in Hungary,”

Hidvéghi said. “We need politicians who represent Hungary in Brussels.” Only Fidesz does this, he added, protecting Hungary against migration and preserving its sovereignty.

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Hopefully, he said,

the European Parliament would have a majority of anti-migration forces after the May election.

Source: mti

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