After a long illness, Fidesz MP Jeno Lasztovicza died , who represented the 3. district of Veszprem county since 1998, says.

Lasztovicza was bor non December 21 1961, Kiskoros, he graduated from Szent Laszlo High School and earned his degree at the University of Horticulture in crop specialization. After that, he started to deal with wine production. In 1994, he entered the Fidesz, and on the first election, in 1998, he immediately gained a mandate.

The serious illnes of the representative was an open secret, he was able to attend the cycle beginning in 2014 only occasionally.

Even before the candidacies of the last elections, it was known for the leadership of the Fidesz that the cancer of Lasztovicza was at an advanced stage, but they let Lasztovicza’s request and he got the Tapolca district. At the time of the election, information has not been made public about his condition, but he was under chemotherapy at the start of the new parliament, so he was brought only for the important 2/3 votings from the hospital in Veszprem.

With the death of Jeno Lasztovicza, Fidesz has to face another – 2/3 majority threatening – election, says.

On February 22, there will be a new parliamentary election in the Veszprem 1 district, which is next to the Tapolca district, because Tibor Navracsics became a European Commissioner from 1 November. The EU Commissioner and the MP mandates are incompatible, so Navracsics resigned from his Parliament mandate.

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