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Budapest (MTI) – Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic’s recent “brandishing” is rooted in worries about the upcoming general elections in his country, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party said in a statement on Saturday.

In an interview on Friday, Milanovic criticised Hungary and its prime minister. He referred to Hungary as “the appendix of Europe” and said that Viktor Orban “had been an active communist, then a liberal – some of each”.

In the Fidesz statement, group leader Lajos Kosa said that the Croatian prime minister’s remarks have very little to do with facts. He said that Milanovic mixes up Hungary’s border fence with the Iron Curtain, whereas while the latter one was designed to prevent people from leaving Hungary, asylum seekers can enter through crossing facilities along the former.

Kosa insisted that while Croatia’s immigration authorities have “failed”, Hungary registers each illegal entrants as reflected in data posted to the European register.

Concerning Milanovic’s simile Kosa said that comparing a country with a body part was “uncouth”.

“Hungary and the Hungarian people have always considered its Croatian neighbour with respect and appreciation,” he added.

On Friday, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto called Milanovic’s remarks insulting and summoned the Croatian ambassador.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. Easy, seal the Hungarian border during the days of his elections. Maybe the Croatian prime minister can get the illegal migrants to vote in his favour, NOT! I really like the Croatian President though, Lots!!

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