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Budapest (MTI) – Socialists in the European Parliament have “again stabbed Hungary in the back,” the ruling Fidesz party said in a statement on Tuesday, commenting on their contribution to an EP plenary debate on the migrant situation.

Earlier on Tuesday, Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi told an EP plenary that if healthy, the 500-million-strong European Union should be able to take migrants in. Ujhelyi then likened the political reaction to migration to a “virus of selfishness by heads of government who were more interested in making domestic political gains”. He asked the European Commission about the status of a report requested by the EP in the summer concerning an investigation into measures taken by the Hungarian government which were “anti-European and anti-democratic”.

Radical nationalist MEP Krisztina Morvai asked Ujhelyi in the debate about the difficulties that the migrant crisis was causing in the area around the city of Szeged, in southern Hungary. Ujhelyi told her that were it not for the government’s “campaign of incitement”, Hungarian society would not have reacted in the way that it had done.

Fidesz said in its statement that the European and Hungarian left wing had confirmed that they stood on the side of the migrants.

It added that his demand concerning the commission’s report on Hungary was unprecedented. “The Socialists and Liberals want to take revenge on our country at any price, because Hungary decided that it must protect the borders of Europe and Hungary,” the Fidesz statement said.

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  1. Liberals , will do anything to destroy the existing social condition .

    The only solution is to deport liberals with the migrants

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