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Organisations around the world linked to billionaire George Soros “all operate according to the same standards of aggression, violent protests and destabilisation”, Fidesz party director Gábor Kubatov said in an interview to business weekly Figyelő.

In contrast, Fidesz and the government is patient and sober-minded, he said. “There wasn’t a single member of Fidesz who gave in to [opposition] provocations,” Kubatov said, adding that “we are the only calm, level-headed force”.

Kubatov said last month the opposition “launched its European parliamentary and municipal election campaigns on a sham pretext”.

“It’s about joining forces and forming a joint election list,” he said.

“The opposition is in Soros’s pocket,” Kubatov said. “He’s the one pulling the strings.”

Referring to a possible joint opposition list for the EP elections, Kubatov said: “I think there’ll be a Soros list”.

He said the opposition parties were now jockeying for position in a potential joint campaign.

“Nothing other than gaining power and money matters to them,” he insisted, adding that the opposition parties were filled with people who used politics to feather their beds.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/OpenSocietyFoundation

Source: MTI

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