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Brussels wants to open the gates to millions of economic migrants, the ruling Fidesz parliamentary group’s spokesman told a news conference in the city of Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, on Saturday.

János Halász said the plans for economic migrants were “Brussels’ most dangerous”.

“It’s not about refugees but about allowing millions of economic migrants into Europe,” he said, adding that economic migrants were illegally entering Europe together with real refugees.

Referring to the European Commission’s Thursday rebuttal of the government’s charges against Brussels in connection with migration, he said: “Instead of refuting it, Brussels has confirmed that it wants to unleash millions of economic migrants on Europe.”

He cited the EC letter saying that legal migration opportunities should continue and legal migration rather acted as a deterrent against illegal migration.

“If the gates are opened wider to millions of economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East, not only would be impossible to hold them back but they would be attracted to Europe,” he said.

In connection with a demand by Manfred Weber, the head of the European People’s Party, that the government halt its poster campaign depicting commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and financier George Soros, as well as demands by several EPP parties to exclude Fidesz from the party grouping, Halasz said Fidesz saw its task as to protect European values and halt migration.

The Hungarian people endorsed this policy in the last general election, he added.

“For us, the opinion of the Hungarian people is more important than party discipline,” he said. “We represent the interests and opinions of the Hungarian people in Brussels.”

Source: MTI

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