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Budapest, October 28 (MTI) – The people suspected of vandalising the headquarters of the ruling Fidesz party at an anti-government demonstration on Sunday are political activists rather than football hooligans, Fidesz group leader Antal Rogan told commercial HirTV late on Monday.

“The Socialist Party has clearly arranged for this protest through their associates,” Rogan said. He said that Sunday’s demonstration had obviously been a party-affiliated rather than a civil initiative and insisted that the organisers were responsible for the violent acts after the event.

According to Rogan, the opposition Socialists “have used the same political activists in recent years,” and suggested that they were behind a series of protests staged by students two years ago.

“Violence or vandalism are unacceptable and cannot be taken as a form of political dialogue,” Rogan said.

After a session of parliament’s national security committee on Tuesday, Zsolt Molnar, the Socialist head of the body, told journalists that the organisers had aimed at a peaceful demonstration and they bear no responsibilitiy for the violent acts. He added that no information supported allegations that those detained had any connection with politics.

LMP lawmaker Bernadett Szel called the statements at the hearing “precipitous” and called for further investigation into the demonstration.

After Sunday’s demonstration against the planned internet tax, some of the protesters pelted stones at the Fidesz headquarters in Lendvay Street, breaking windows, damaging the blinds and bringing down a section of the fence.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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