Budapest, December 20 (MTI) – Having gone round the country collecting signatures for the ruling party’s campaign concerning migrants, Fidesz will now switch to gathering the signatures online for the rest of the year, the party’s leader said on Sunday.

The campaign is aimed at gathering support for the party’s policy against European Union migrant quotas.

Lajos Kosa told a news conference in the eastern city of Debrecen that the physical drive to collect signatures would be suspended over the Christmas and New Year holidays and it would be resumed in January.

So far the party has managed to collect 1.7 million signatures in support of the government stance against the mandatory distribution of migrants, he said, adding that its initiative was already proving successful.

He said there was an agreement between the European Union and Turkey under which there would be no resettlement or quota mechanism for illegal arrivals.

The outcome, Kosa said, is that European nations have the right to decide with whom they want to live together on a permanent basis and “no one else can tell us what to do”.

Photo: MTI


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