In case you noticed the weird noises from military aircrafts on Monday, July 18, and did not know why they were flying above the city, well, has some information on the case, as they made inquiries about the phenomenon from different sources.

The Hungarian Defence Force sent a statement, which was shared earlier at, saying that the Pápa Base Airport of the Hungarian Defence Force, which is also a NATO centre, is hosting an international flight training event from July 15 to August 5.

Hence, the valid safety and legal rules apply to the flights during daytime, though, as long as the training goes on above Pápa its surroundings might be noisier than usual. Consequently, the locals are kindly asked to be patient and understanding.

Further information was found by, including that the database of civil aviation recorded the taking off and landing of F-16 fighters in Pápa by codename Ready11. Besides, it is rumored that these were the planes that could be heard in Budapest.

These present the following questions: why were the fighters flying towards Budapest from the airport of Pápa, 120km from the capital; and did the aircrafts use the civil space above the city, and if so, did they come to terms about this with Hungarocontrol, the controller of Hungarian air traffic? However, these questions have not been answered yet, neither by the Ministry of Defence nor the American embassy.

(The photo is only an illustration of military aircrafts.)

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