The American entertainment weekly wrote about the Hungarian anti-LGBTQ law in its Thursday issue, highlighting that the parliament’s decision “cast a shadow over one of the world’s top production hubs.”

According to, Hungary hosted productions such as Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi tentpole Dune, Sony’s The Nightingale, Amazon Studios’ Birds of Paradise, TNT’s The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, and the Netflix fantasy series called The Witcher

RTL Klub, the Hungarian arm of the German media company, which is also the largest Hungarian broadcaster, co-signed a statement with HBO, SPI International, and A+E Networks that condemned homophobia. Furthermore, they added that even Harry Potter, Modern Family, or Friends could be forced to be shown exclusively on late-night television if the bill is accepted.

“We worry that the bill gravely harms freedom of expression, human rights, and basic freedoms,”

the statement said.

The movie industry made record revenue for Hungary in 2019 with more than $565.6 million, so losing it would harm the country’s economy significantly. 

Variety says that “Disney threatened to boycott Georgia over its anti-LGBTQ laws in 2016, and the company was joined by Netflix, WarnerMedia, Sony, and other studios in threatening to take their business elsewhere over the controversial anti-abortion law proposed by the state in 2019. Netflix moved its hit series “Outer Banks” from North Carolina because of that state’s controversial anti-LGBTQ laws, which had already prompted protests from the likes of A+E Networks and 21st Century Fox in 2016.”

Variety wrote that

it is uncertain whether studios will make such harsh decisions in the case of Hungary.

However, they will not risk potential PR fallout. For example, WarnerMedia, which owns Warner Bros. and TNT, already said that it would not tolerate homophobia, prejudice, or discrimination.

Sony, Amazon, and Netflix have not commented on the new Hungarian law yet. However, Netflix cancelled the production of its Turkish original If Only over government censorship of a gay character in the script.

Variety writes that Hungarian film commissioner Csaba Káel told them that the anti-LGBTQ legislation, which was tacked onto a separate bill that increased the penalties for paedophilia, is “principally strengthening the child protection system,” and expressed

hopes that the industry would not be affected by any potential backlash.

“Hungary offers highly skilled film professionals, world-class facilities, amazing locations, and a generous tax rebate to the international film community,” he added. “I firmly believe all these aspects are of more importance than politics.”

The American magazine concludes that gay marriage is not recognised in Hungary, and the government banned same-sex adoptions in 2020.

They call PM Viktor Orbán a hardline nationalist who rallied against migrants and the LGBTQ community.


  1. California & NY is know for spreading evil everywhere its citizens go.
    Surely there must be films being made by groups who honour biological human reality of men & woman as separate and unique. Aslo that there are birth defects which occur and need special consideration and medical intervention. ( Lady C would be an example. )
    Groups who want to protect family as traditionally known and accepted for centuries should have freedom to protect that value as long as they do not support violence against those who believe otherwise. Live where you are accepted & live side by side.
    Social structure is fluid but there are proven values which persist for a reason. It is a proven fact that children raised in a household with a mother & a father do better in every way in life including living in more stable, wealthy homes with more opportunities for self advancement. If not to raise children, what other reason is there for marriage & the long term commitment that goes with that?

  2. If the so-called ‘film industry’ tries to BLACKMAIL Hungary because of the present Government’s stance on sexual deviancy (which by the way is supported by the VAST MAJORITY of Hungarian citizens !), then they will be very disappointed.

    San Francisco, Sydney and other similar ‘sexual sin cities’ will no doubt be drooling about the prospect of welcoming even more LGBTQWXYZ’s from Hollywood (and other centres of film production) into their respective cesspits.

    The parents of Hungarian children will not miss those creatures for one second.

    By the way, would someone please explain how the “Harry Potter” movies could be construed as ‘promoting’ values that are contrary to the recently-passed law in Hungary ?

  3. Bye Bye Felicia. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split you.

  4. This law do not protect homosexual children. The law says that homosexuals are evil. The law is very cruel against children from fifteen till eighteen years old when they now alteady that they have homosexual feelings. Now they have to hidden this feelings for their parents

  5. These idiots call an anti-pedophilia law anti-LGBTQ law. The law is meant to protect children, and there is nothing in it that is anti-LGBTQ.

  6. Homophobia itself is a dismissive term(?), even “hate speech”. A phobia is an irrational, incapacitating fear. A person can have opinions about homosexuality, transgenderism etc. and not have a “fear” per se … Homosexuals for years fought to have their predilections no longer declared a “mental disease” only to use the same calumny against those who have opposite opinions about homosexuality etc.

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